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Silicon Beach 2012 – Oct 5th & 6th


Following on from last year’s hugely successful event (read about it from those who attended here, here and here), Silicon Beach returns to Bournemouth this October and promises to be an even bigger and more inspiring event.

Once again the very best of the UK’s creative and digital thinkers and doers are lining up to head to Bournemouth and participate, sharing their thoughts, experiences and insights into the worlds of the digital industries, social media and content marketing with a willing and engaged audience.  Check out the website ( and read their bio’s; this really is a collection of speakers an international conference would be proud of and to think its happening right here in Bournemouth, supported by Meetdraw.

Don’t for one minute think that Silicon Beach is not for you.  If you’re reading this, you’re already engaged in what Meetdraw does so you know that ego’s and job titles are left at the door.  And the same applies for the audience at Silicon Beach.  Whether you’re the boss of an agency, a designer, a developer or an account handler; or perhaps you work client side and buy creative and/or digital services; there will be something of interest for you across the two days.

For instance there will be four Creative Directors who have each been a designer or art director once upon a time.  There will be that same number speaking who have started their own agencies and grown them into sizeable businesses.  They not only know all of the hurdles to be faced, they’ve faced them and have the scars to prove it.  We’ve got the UK’s leading social media and content marketing strategists, experts in mobile, marketing and business development – you name it, they’ll be at Silicon Beach 2012.

But will you?

This is the perfect opportunity to take time out of your normal workday and really invest in yourself and/or your team to learn something new.  When was the last time you had a conversation with someone that truly opened your mind?  It is almost guaranteed that that will happen at Silicon Beach 2012.

And whilst you’re bound to recognize some of the delegates, you’ll be surprised at how varied the audience is going to be as they’re coming from far and wide: London, Bristol, Plymouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, etc; and they’re folk from all manner of businesses.  It’s a healthy mix and they all share several common attributes – they’re inquisitive, they want to stretch themselves and their businesses and they know that to do so, it pays to hear from people who’ve done it before.

Rather than travel to London, Bristol, Manchester or Newcastle; this event is happening in Bournemouth.  Don’t miss this opportunity to experience something really different

And if you’ve read this far, you deserve a reward!  When booking your tickets, enter the promotional code ‘meetdraw’ and you’ll get 50% off the price of a ticket.  That’s just £99 for two days and 16 phenomenal speakers.

Go on.  Do it.

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