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From the twitters:

What you need to know for #MD17 at the Inferno


How to Speed Date our industry experts

The 10 industry experts will be gathered at the back of The Inferno in an exclusive area, manned by the biggest Butchers.

Experts will be wearing lanyards so that they are easily identifiable.

Speed dating works like this:

  1. 10 students at a time will be invited into the area – 1 per expert
  2. 2 minutes given to ask as many questions as possible of your expert
  3. Changeover – A bell signals the end of the 2 minutes – 10 students leave, the next 10 enter
  4. You have an hour to see as many experts as you want to – rejoin the queue to go again
Starts at 8pm sharp.

Bios of the 10 industry experts are here, so you can do your research and come prepared – 2 minutes isn’t long!

You control the music

Yes we’re letting you all control the music playlist on the night with our good friends at twitter and Spotify! Here’s what you need to know…

  • Your tweet needs to be of the following format: “Artist, Song Title” #MD17Music
  • The first song returned in the search results is then queued up on a Spotify Meetdraw Playlist
  • It’s that simple!

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