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Meetdraw events are quarterly.  Always have been.  The Butchers are all volunteers who work full-time in a collection of successful agencies and so it’s just easier and less pressure on everyone if the events are every three months.  Besides it builds anticipation, helping the events achieve the “not-to-be-missed” status they enjoy.  And judging my #MD18’s success, it’s working.

But sometimes opportunities arise that are not to be missed and so sometimes Meetdraw-related events happen a little more frequently.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Centre for Entrepreneurship approached Meetdraw about doing a joint event to mark the start of the Festival of Design and Innovation and as we’re all about design and innovation, how could we refuse?

On Wednesday June 19th, two of the star speakers from last years Silicon Beach 2012 are returning to Bournemouth to deliver their standout talks.  And thanks to the kind generosity of Synergist, this event is entirely FREE.

Andy Bell, the Founder & Creative Director of Mint Digital – creators of Foldable MeProjecteo and Stickygrams, as well as a multitude of other awesome projects for well-known clients, will talk candidly about the journey his company has been on, including the failures they’ve learnt from as much as the successes they’ve enjoyed, as the company set upon their mission to innovatively combine the online and offline worlds and produce physical products for a digital world.

Syd Lawrence, of We Make Awesome Sh, is a well-known name amongst the developer community.  He is regularly invited to participate in hack-days around the world, being a annual fixture at MIPcom in Cannes, and as a result he has somehow managed to launch an enviable career which pays him to play and goof around with new technology.  He’s worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue (earning her a world record for the fastest trending tweet EVER), Calvin Harris and Intel and his services are continually in high demand.  We’re very lucky to have him.  Syd will almost certainly be wearing flip-flops and his presentation will most probably feature cats and GIF’s.

And as an additional bonus David Drysdale, Editor of the online magazine Innovation Onions will open the evening sharing the highs and lows of innovation and being different in a very different world.

The chance to see speakers such as Andy, Syd and David doesn’t happen in Bournemouth very often, don’t miss this.

Spaces to this event are limited and booking is essential.  Click here to book.

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