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What is The 2014 Creative & Digital Economy Census?


There is currently a steady stream of emails, tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates all urging the creative agencies and digital economy of Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole to complete an online survey, the snappily titled 2014 Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Creative & Digital Economy Census, and we urge you to take 5 mins and complete the survey.  It’s in all of our benefit.

The previous two census’ have produced two very interesting infographics that between them detail the breadth and success of the sector locally.  They show a long-established buoyant sector that can demonstrate successive, exponential growth.  Indeed the comparative study that was completed as part of the most recent census, was able to show a local sector that was larger than the national average and also pointed towards reasons as to why this might be.  Who wouldn’t want access to this kind of information?


(The results of the 2013 Dorset Creative & Digital Economy Census)

If we were able to produce an infographic based on three years worth of data, imagine how useful that might be?  The more we all know, the more we can all talk authoritatively about, and celebrate our local industry and the more other people will sit up and take notice.   That’s what this census is trying to achieve.

As a community if we want to see our sector grow, if we want to attract and keep great talent and we want the businesses based here recognized further afield, then we have to start telling people about it.  And we can’t start telling people about it, until we know what it is.  That is where the census comes in and that is why any and all contributions are important.

Last year the results of the census caught the attention of The Drum and the Recommended Agency Register (the MD of the RAR even flew down from Scotland to attend a Meetdraw event).  This year we want the results to be seen by even more people, but we need the data.

Hopefully you can understand how useful this could be and how important it is that yours and as many businesses like yours are featured.  So please, take the time to complete the survey – it really shouldn’t take you any longer than 5 minutes.

Just click here to be taken to the survey and I promise to treat anything you provide with the utmost discretion.

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