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What is The #ElectricBoogaloo?


Unpretty In Pink

Technically the electric boogaloo is a dance move.  It is also the name of a seminal 1980’s movie about the breakdancing scene.  But for the purposes of Meetdraw, #ElectricBoogaloo is the hashtag we’re using to promote the competition we’ve set for the run up to the next event.

We’re inviting anyone and everyone to recreate a 1980’s movie poster with them as the subject and then share it via social media using the hashtag #ElectricBoogaloo.

“But why?” we hear you cry.  Well beyond it being quite funny (and you can’t deny that some of the images being shared are quite funny), the winner or winning team will receive, courtesy of our fantastic sponsors Ratio and The Drum Network, a terrific day out aboard a Sunseeker – the sort of day out that Crockett and Tubbs would’ve enjoyed in their heyday!

So search on Google Images for 1980’s Movie Posters for your inspiration, exercise your creative skills and get sharing!  The more likes, RT’s and shares you get, the better your chance of winning and once the sun comes out this summer, you’ll be glad of a day out on board a speed boat!

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  1. Francesca

    Hey, what’s the deadline date!? By the way Matt you look so pretty 😉 x