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A 3 Minute Sizzle with: Chris Bainbridge at Make Studio


We grab 3 minutes with Chris Bainbridge, Founder and Creative Director at Make Studio. You can grill Chris in your own 3 Minute Sizzle at Meetdraw 25 on Thursday 26 March. Tickets are free and available here.


In 140 characters or less, tell us what your agency does.
Make_Studio is an integrated agency creating visual stories and emotive campaigns.

Tell us what you do at the agency
I’m founder and creative director – leading client engagement and communicating with the design team the direction of each brief, defining strategy and concept development, overseeing final output of all things that are Make.

And tell us about your favourite piece of work produced by your agency
Delivering a full global integrated campaign to launch Garmin’s Winter and Summer training brief which included films and photography shot within 4 countries in Europe to head up the launch of 8 fitness products and providing supporting assets including Ad’s, POS, web and CGI’s.

What was your first job? (obviously with a creative context, we’re not too interested in paper rounds and bar work)
Working in an office furniture company in their design studio working with hand drawn presentations for tender and personally implementing 3D studio software to upgrade the whole office to become a more competitive solution.

How did you get that first job?
That was a placement from a university sandwich course where a friend already had recommended me on computer skills which elevated me as having a unique skill set at the time.

What three attributes do you look for in prospective employees?
Confidence, in personality and style of work.
Interesting passions outside of work.
Can do attitude.

What’s your favourite book / movie / album?
The Dice Man – Luke Rhinehart.
Old Boy – Korean Version
The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
Always hire someone better than you for the task required.

And the worst?
Not sure – but the traditional methods and advice should always be challenged with your own personal instinct.

Bournemouth seems to be a hotbed of creative talent at the moment, why do you think that is?
It’s a mix of some progressive agencies attracting and retaining talent, some great Clearly the university feeds this in the courses it offers, and the high number of creative agencies now gives a reason for them to not run straight to London. Plus we have lifestyle bonus of the surrounding locale

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