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A 3 Minute Sizzle with: Shane Coughlan from Sideshow


We grab 3 minutes with Shane Coughlan, Business Director at Sideshow. You can grill Shane in your own 3 Minute Sizzle at Meetdraw 29 on Thursday 10 March. Tickets are free and available here.


In 140 characters or less, tell us what your agency does.
A hard working digital agency taking pride in delivering brilliant strategy and creative ideas for some of the UK’s best known brands.

Tell us what you do at the agency.
Business Director which means making sure clients’ expectations are exceeded and they enjoy working with us day in, day out. And of course leading the way in the fortnightly office yoga sessions (which has been an eye opener!).

Describe your company culture, flavour or important values.
We’re very dedicated. We love to have fun. We believe in keeping things simple. We push ourselves to think outside the box and deliver imaginative and effective solutions.

What qualities do you look for when hiring new people?
We’ve a straightforward policy: good people who are nice.

What’s your favourite book / movie / album?
Film:  Toy Story 2, it’s genius how they’ve created a movie that 5 years olds and 35 year olds can enjoy together.
Book: Last summer I read misery, the Stephen King novel. Old one but terrifying. Jab jab, jab, right hook by Gary Vaynerchuck was recently given to me at en event – good insight on social media for selling. And I’d highly recommend Seth Godin’s blog.
Album: Thanks to Spotify I’m not sure if I’ve listened to a whole Album in a long time so I’d have to say the “morning wake up” playlist.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
Work hard and always be nice to people, you never know what’s around the corner.

And the worst?
Perhaps not the worst, but being told that it’s okay “to do it tomorrow”.

What was your first job (obviously with a creative context, we’re not too interested in paper rounds and bar work!)?
Marketing Executive for IPC Media working on all the sport and music magazine titles. It was a lot of fun. I was exposed to running events for the NME at The Roundhouse, sitting in on interviews with football superstars for Shoot magazine, traveling to USA for 3 weeks a year for the yachting world boat shows. But it also taught me about deadlines and work ethic – there were regular all nighters to get everything ready for the publishing date.

How did you get that first job?
Emailed the marketing manager and followed up with a call (that was what clinched it) about doing some unpaid work to prove myself. I did a quick phone interview there and then and went in the next day for a 3 week placement. The rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from Meetdraw(!), what’s the best way to introduce oneself to your agency (which person / media channel / format)?
Simple: tweet us @SideshowAgency email us at: [email protected] or just give us a call.

Bournemouth seems to be a hotbed of creative digital talent at the moment, why do you think that is?
The talent pool from 2 great universities is undoubtedly a reason.
And we’ve seen a lot of our team, after stints in the bright lights of London opting to come back to enjoy the balance of beach lifestyle while working on great clients with good briefs.

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