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MD29: 3 Minute Summary Shizzle



You might be forgiven for thinking Meetdraw 29 is only about students, but you’d be wrong. It’s still a regular Meetdraw with agency folk; meeting and making friends, a free drink on arrival for all, some cheeky MD trinkets and discounted promotional Meetdraw cocktails!

With less than 24 hours to go before MD29, and tickets going fast (again; here), we took one response from each 3 minute sizzle and pulled it in to one blog. Read each experts’ full sizzle by clicking the link in their name…

In 140 characters or less, tell us what your agency does.
Laurence Cornwall-Watkins: We’re a CX agency. We think customer, deliver awesome & behave hilarious. It’s in our DNA to be better every day & make a difference.

Tell us what you do at the agency.
Arabella Lewis-Smith: Managing Director, strategist, plant waterer and all round leader of the pack.

Describe your company culture, flavour or important values.
Adrian Mogg: It’s about hiring the best people, trusting them, helping them to be successful, creating great work and allowing people to grow. And having fun!

What qualities do you look for when hiring new people?
Annie Talboys: The first stage is always about a values and cultural fit. Once we’re happy someone could work well in the agency, we then really look at their skills and ability to deliver. The values fit is the most important part, we can help people develop their knowledge and skills, but you can’t change someone’s values.

What’s your favourite book / movie / album?
Chris Bainbridge: The Dice Man – Luke Rhinehart
Old Boy – Korean Version
The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
Tom Wittlin: Rule Number 6: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

And the worst?
Damian Rees: Always do what you want to do and screw everyone else.

What was your first job (obviously with a creative context, we’re not too interested in paper rounds and bar work!)?
Shane Coughlan: Marketing Executive for IPC Media working on all the sport and music magazine titles. It was a lot of fun. I was exposed to running events for the NME at The Roundhouse, sitting in on interviews with football superstars for Shoot magazine, traveling to USA for 3 weeks a year for the yachting world boat shows. But it also taught me about deadlines and work ethic – there were regular all nighters to get everything ready for the publishing date.

How did you get that first job?
Alex Coles: Applying to TJ was the easy bit. The first interview was not so much. I’d already been to loads of interviews for jobs and was feeling a bit disheartened. So I turned up fresh, chipper and eager to make a good impression. Towards the end of the interview Gel [Gellan Watt] said “I’m just worried that you might be too nice to work in advertising”, at this point I had had enough of interviews and a sassy attitude got the better of me, before I knew what was happening I looked him straight in the eye and uttered the words “I can slap you and then you won’t think I’m too nice”. It was met with a stunned and deafening silence. I left the interview chalking it up to a loss and headed to the pub to commiserate. After a couple of hours had passed I got a call saying I had got the job, and years later Gel told me that’s what did it.

I must say that I do not condone mildly threatening your interviewer and it’s probably not something that will work on everyone.

Aside from Meetdraw(!), what’s the best way to introduce oneself to your agency (which person / media channel / format)?
Lee Mallon: Anyone at Rarely Impossible will grab a coffee with you and help, it’s not hard, our office is at 23 Hinton Road, just come and say hi, tweet, email, call.

Bournemouth seems to be a hotbed of creative digital talent at the moment, why do you think that is?
Luke Bonner: If I’m honest, I don’t think it is. The agency scene down here is growing, which is great, but the talent pool is still a very similar size. And working in an agency that doesn’t want to drop our standards, genuine creative or digital talent is very hard to come across. But that’s where graduate talent comes into it. You’ll get opportunities down here that you won’t find anywhere else, but be prepared to put your arm bands on, as you’ll be thrown straight into the deep-end.

We’ll see you there!

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