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A 3 minute sizzle with: Arabella Lewis-Smith from Salad Creative


We grab 3 minutes with Arabella Lewis-Smith, Founder of Salad Creative. You can grill Arabella in your own 3 Minute Sizzle at Meetdraw 29 on Thursday 10 March. Tickets are free and available here.


In 140 characters or less, tell us what your agency does.
Salad is an award winning creative company with a proven record of designing clearly defined brands and developing unique digital products and experiences.

Tell us what you do at the agency.
Managing Director, strategist, plant waterer and all round leader of the pack.

Describe your company culture, flavour or important values.
Our values are:

  • Ambitious: We are ambitious for our clients as we want to see them succeed.
  • Effective: What we do creates ‘return on investment’ results for our clients.
  • Cutting Edge: Our projects are smart, insightful and informed and use the latest advances in our industry.
  • Craftsmanship: Design quality underpins everything we say and do.

Our culture is very much protected and nurtured. We’re a family and do lots of things outside of work together: we have regular pizza and beer nights, we like doing yoga on the beach (in the Summer!) and every Friday we do a team lunch and make something for everyone from scratch. There is something so good about getting round a table to eat together and we love food. Indeed cake is a staple item in our office too!

What qualities do you look for when hiring new people?
Attention to detail, passion for what they do, knowledge and confidence in their field and of course they have to have that special ‘Salad’ quality. We need to see their personality when we meet them, so we can understand if they will fit our culture and bring something new to the team.

What’s your favourite book / movie / album?
I am really loving Benjamin Clementine’s debut album At Least For Now at the moment.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
You never stop learning.

And the worst?
Making money should be the purpose of your life.

What was your first job (obviously with a creative context, we’re not too interested in paper rounds and bar work!)?
I was commissioned to design a womenswear collection for an ethical clothing brand in London (I can’t even remember the name now!). I had recently graduated from my fashion degree and it was one of my first freelance jobs – I remember being so stressed and procrastinating all day then staying up late into multiple nights to complete the work. That was the start of my freelance career which pretty much stuck to that format. From that I learned that I’m much better working with a team and in an office environment!

Aside from Meetdraw(!), what’s the best way to introduce oneself to your agency (which person / media channel / format)?
We’re pretty active on Twitter, so you can see what we’re up to and engage with us. Otherwise myself and the team can be seen at various local events, so do introduce yourself!

Bournemouth seems to be a hotbed of creative digital talent at the moment, why do you think that is?
People come to Salad because they understand the value of building success through design. We run a business that is collaborative and supportive of both clients and it’s own team. The Bournemouth area allows you to do that more.

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