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MD33: What happened last night?



More than 200 of the south coast’s finest digital and creative animals took to Lost Paradise to get together for the 33rd chapter of Meetdraw.

We’re riding a high of great events put on by our stellar team of volunteers right now. The teams behind the large-scale masquerade ball, summer festival parties and intense game nights, networking on the south-coast could not be any more diverse (and creative), with special shout-outs to familiar meetups, networking events and gatherings. We’re spoilt for choice, just check out Peer-to-pier for what’s on the horizon.

We were very happy to take the first Meetdraw of the year back to local haven Lost Paradise, who have always gone above and beyond to provide for our community of creative and digital animals.

This year, while we stepped away from the usual student takeover theme, we wanted to put on an event that was as much a challenge for the professionals, as it was for the students, but still got people doing ‘something’ and give people something to talk about. A unique, potentially crazy, and definitely a bit silly idea, the kind that Meetdraw has built a reputation for.

Cue: Briefs Against Humanity. An ample challenge for anyone with a slight link to these industries, putting a unique twist on the every day task we’re used to seeing.

The ‘Brief Generator’ came to life with thanks to the illustrious development team at local agency Thinking Juice. We set the brief and they ran with it (and if you tried it, you know they did a stellar job). Matt, Paul, Tim and Aaron put together the web app that collided random components of a brief (action, product, target audience) to give contestants one brief out of 13,500+ possible outcomes. Get the brief, come up with a concept and go. You had 2-minutes on the clock to unleash your artistic talents (or not) and sketch out your idea.

You might wonder what investment an event like this takes? Well, in the spirit of total transparency, it cost us the time and effort of our voluntary butchers and friends from the local community to put it together, they all lent their time and resources for you. Aren’t they nice?

While we took away the direct route of putting students in the face of employers for MD33, it was refreshing to see students in abundance with plenty of agency owners, long-standing professionals and even fresh graduates speaking with one another, offering advice, stories and contact details.

What more could you possibly add, you ask? Well, for starters the sun was out and we were all reminded of the real reason we’re working down here on the south-coast other than the awesome community, it was only fitting that we had two tickets to the launch of Dorset Water Park to give away, which, if you haven’t yet you should definitely check out and consider their corporate package for you and your team. A very big thank you to Alice and the team there.

If you were too distracted to notice – we don’t blame you, but the event was being filmed and photographed so huge thanks to Rory at Ace Media for filming the night, we look forward to sharing that with you soon and Oscar Briscall-Harvey from Arts University Bournemouth for offering to capture photos of the night, again, we look forward to sharing them with you.

So, see you in the summer?

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