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Meetdraw 35: Selfie Bingo Time!



It’s that time again, and for this event we’re giving Bingo the Meetdraw treatment. Come on down, grab your phone, practice your best selfie face and get “clickety click”ing…

On Thursday October 5th from 6pm we’re inviting you to the Canvas bar on Poole Hill for an evening of socialising, networking and general smartphone-camera-based tomfoolery.

How does it work?
At the door you’ll be handed a numbered name badge and a bingo card. Your aim is to fill your bingo card by finding fellow Meetdraw attendees with the corresponding numbered badges, and taking a selfie with them. You’ll need to post these to Twitter with the hashtag #mdbingo

The winner will bask in the glory and smugness of a job well done, with runners up awarded custom laser-etched medallions which in time will escalate in value to astronomical figures. Possibly.

If all this revelry and photo-snapping isn’t your thing, that’s fine, just come along anyway and watch other people embarass themselves.

See you there!

KIN is a new co-working and co-living space designed for entrepreneurship, collaboration, ideas, creativity and community set to launch in 2019.

KIN have kindly offered to help fund Meetdraw for the next 12 months, without their support we wouldn’t be able to put on the great events that we strive to.

To find out more about KIN have a look here:

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