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From the twitters:

What is Meetdraw?


Meetdraw is many things to all sorts of different people. Put simply, it’s the gathering of like-minded folks with one common interest: ‘things’ to do with creative and digital.

A networking event, if you will, but unlike formal networking it’s always captured an atmosphere that is laid-back and fun – just like a gathering of good friends. It’s always on a Thursday after work and it’s always at a venue where you can enjoy a drink.

There has now been 35+ Meetdraw’s. All of which have looked completely different, but at their very core, underlying everything, it’s always been the same thing: an opportunity to catch up with people you know and get to know people who you’ve never met, from students to freelancers to agency directors.

And just like no Meetdraw has really been the same – the people have changed, while a few of the original team and familiar faces from its inception can still be spotted at our events, the responsibilities has been passed around from volunteer to volunteer and every time a new butcher joins, Meetdraw changes too in a subtle but unique and interesting way.

For the time being, we want to ensure we’re delivering on our mission to create connections and conversations within this amazing community, you can expect just that at our next Meetdraw: Meet & Greet.

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