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Selfie Bingo – How does it work?


Over the years, we’ve been proud to see the Meetdraw herd grow to be one of the largest regular gatherings for digital and creative animals in the local area. From such humble beginnings, we have seen a community grow, business opportunities created and friendships forged.

In order to re-capture the essence of what makes Meetdraw brilliant, and also to discourage us slipping into the habit of only ever catching up with the people we already know, we wanted to try something that lets people create more connections in this ever-growing community. Obviously, it also had to have a digital twist! So here it is… it’s Selfie Bingo Time!

At the door you’ll be handed a numbered name badge and a bingo card. Your aim is to complete your bingo card by finding fellow Meetdraw attendees with the corresponding numbered badges, and taking a selfie with them (note that the colours don’t matter – just the numbers).

The first person to collect all their numbers and submit their selfies to twitter with the hashtag #mdbingo as proof wins.

The selfies can be uploaded as either a collage or one by one.

We need to be able to see the number badges in the pictures – if we can’t, then that photo won’t count!

In the rare event of a tie, a group of Meetdraw organisers will choose the winner at random.

The first prize is an Amazon Echo Dot, provided by our fab sponsors KIN, and will be awarded to the first person to submit all their selfies (not the first one to post the first photo).

The following 24 runners up will get a special edition Meetdraw Medallion.

If you have any further questions, please message us via Twitter: @meetdraw

We look forward to seeing you there!

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